I was given the opportunity to design and animate an FUI for MEKABEAR, a streamer. The objective was to create a single looping intermission screen that resembled a spaceship's user interface, displaying various types of information to the user. The visual inspiration for this project was drawn from sci-fi movies like Blade Runner and Total Recall, as well as games such as No Man's Sky and Star Citizen.






To begin with, the initial direction was to craft a user interface in 2D, using a 16:9 aspect ratio. The goal was to create a series of panels similar to those found on a spaceship's screen, displaying the status of various basic systems. However, we also needed to reserve a dedicated area in the layout for the integration of a live chat feature.


Additionally, it was later requested that we add a 10 minute timer as a separate source that could be placed on top of the original screen.


As the project progressed, several layouts and designs were tested to ensure consistency in the design language throughout the entire screen. Furthermore, we experimented with various color combinations to provide the client with a range of options that aligned with their brand's style.

concept/design - daniel silvaanimation & compositing - daniel silvacoding - dominik lingenoverclient - mekabear